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So many challenges - improving your photos

Making beautiful images for clients isn't a natural gift - it requires a lot of time and effort to overcome obstacles. One of the hardest obstacles is talking about ourselves, but that's just what we're about to do.

Don't worry, we are not going to talk about what we ate, or my view on current events... we'll be talking about you all, and the challenges we've faced (and will face) that improve our skills to take better pictures for you and your loved ones to enjoy. Here's a list of our challenges...

  1. This blog. Man, how I hate writing blogs. The idea of trying to express something new every week is overwhelming at times. I never feel I have much to chat about, to be honest. But for this site, I think it's essential to walk you all through how we do photoshoots, answering questions along the way. There are a lot of photographers out there, but picking one isn't an easy process. This blog will help you understand the motivation behind our passion, and provide real-world examples of our work along the way.

  2. Continued Education - we're sure you would like to know your photographer isn't stuck in the 80s, still doing "Glamour Shots" like they did in the malls across America. We believe continued education is critical - not only to keep up with the rapidly changing technology in the photo and film industry, but to also stay current in fashion and creativity.

  3. Archival challenges - this is specific to finding the best printing medium so your photos last for generations. While it's easy to print images at your local Walgreens or Walmart, they aren't interested in your images... they're interested in their profit. Paper quality suffers, printer ink is poor, and color quality is just not important. As technologies improve, we're on the hunt for how best to preserve your images, using the best archival paper, highest quality print process, and mounting options that provide long-term resistance to atmospheric damage.

So, enjoy our conversation with you as we explore these challenges and more! Thanks for joining us!

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